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2011-2014 Porsche Cayenne AF-1 Wide Body Kit ( PUR-RIM GFK CFP ) - 39 Piece

Product Description

2011-2014 Porsche Cayenne AF-1 Wide Body Kit ( PUR-RIM GFK CFP ) - 39 Piece - Includes AF-1 Wide Body Front Bumper Cover (107909) AF-1 Wide Body Front Add On Spoiler (107910) AF-1 Wide Body Rear Bumper Cover (107911) AF-1 Wide Body Rear Diffuser (107912) AF-1 Wide Body Exhaust Heat Shield (107913) AF-1 Wide Body Side Skirts (107914) AF-1 Wide Body Front Fender Flares (107915) AF-1 Wide Body Rear Fender Flares (107916) AF-1 Wide Body Front Door Moldings (107917) AF-1 Headlamp Cover (107918) AF-1 Trunk Spoiler (107919) AF-1 Taillamp Covers (107920) AF-1 Roof Spoiler (107921) AF-1 Trunk Lid Trim (107922) AF-1 Fog Lights (107924) AF-1 Exhaust (107926) AF-1 LED Lights (107925)

Fits the following models: Fits All Models, Base Model, S, Turbo

This kit includes products that are made from Carbon Fibre Plastics, Glass Fibre Komposites, and Polyurethane Plastics. Carbon Fibre Plastics are a very strong and lightweight fibre-reinforced polymer which ensures the optimal combination of flexibility, durability and weight savings. Glass Fiber Komposites are made of milled and cross-woven fibres. They are finished in our signature double-layered gray primer. Polyurethane Plastics are injection molded plastics that offer incredible impact absorption qualities.
  • Five-Stage Aero Function Quality Control Assurance Manufacturing System
  • Honeycomb Black Mesh Grille (where applicable)
  • 3-Year Limited Aero Function Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Extensive Aero Function Ship-Safe Packaging And Protection System For Reduced Freight Damage
  • Complimentary Aero Function Brand Identity Package (Aero Function Foil Sticker And Lanyard)
  • Aero Function Exclusive Limited Production Availability
  • Industry Leading UV Protected Carbon Fibre Plastics
  • Double-Layered Signature Gray Primer For Ease Of Preparation
  • Highly Durable And Impact Resistant Glass Fibre Komposites
  • Unique Proprietary Polyurethane Plastics With Superior Impact Absorption

PART NUMBER : 107939



BRAND : Aero Function






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